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ThatSuperDuck’s Introduction.

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Aloha, and hello there! Thank you for wanting to learn about me, and clicking on my introduction.  I'm going to start off by just introducing myself. My username is ThatSuperDuck, I like to be called Ducky/Duck. I own Honorable on the server and the rank [Creator] on Creative. 

You may ask what I do instead of Minecraft and what are my hobbies in life. I consider myself a talented Duck. I'm a unique Arts and Crafts boy and play tennis 4-5 days a week, [Main Sport]. I always try helping out others with multiple situations and especially maintain my grades to a good level in school. I have a very creative mind as it shows in all my builds in Minecraft. 

I've been apart of the Network for about 2-3 years now. {Don’t know the exact date of when I joined}

My favorite movie is Wreck-it-Ralph and Incredibles 2-3.

My favorite Disney Park is the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Everytime I go to the Magic Kingdom I always try to ride Peter Pan’s flight and Buzz Lightyear. These rides bring back good memories from when I was about an infant riding them. What I like about Epcot is the food, shows, and rides. IRoE is my favorite show to watch there. Testrack and Soarin is incredible and EXCITING to ride. I like eating in many different countries, especially Italy.

That concludes my introduction. Hopefully I explained the majority of myself to you. I'm always free to talk to on the Palace Network Discord whenever I'm on. Adios amigo! 




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Wow @ThatSuperDuckie pretty impressive that a duck like you plays tennis so much, I tried to play when I was younger but I was not very good. I hope I can see you around the parks and forums, lol and I certainly wouldn't want to ruffle any feathers :D

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