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hi there, I know what you're probably thinking.... "what?"

yes I know, I am too, but this is an important topic that someone needs to bring up (:

I'd just like to address the wonderful water of my personal favorite ride (in DLR), Pirates of the Caribbean.

The smell itself is an actual icon, it's just beautifully crafted scented Disney water. I don't even know. I love it.

I need one of those scented candles nOW.

As random as this, the smell just brings up so many memories. It's so weird to describe so I'm not even gonna try but if you relate we're friends. thank you.



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So as the video states, Disney is very concerned with guest health and safety. The water used on all Disney rides has Bromine which is a non toxic chemical that cleans the water better than chlorine, gives off a pleasant smell, and doesn't cause eye soreness or redness.

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