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Hello, I have a suggestion for something to add to Magic Kingdom, in the firehouse, you should have Sorcerers of the magic kingdom, and implement a card trading system, so players can collect them all.


I have played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in Disney world, and it was so fun, and I think it would be cool to have them on here.


Ideas: Have a section where you can claim a certain amount of cards for free every 24h, have some way of actually playing the game would be awesome, but might be a stretch. but being able to trade with other players would be fun. I think it should be 1 random card every day, and you can get duplicates.

Disney currently has 70 of the cards to collect (plus event cards) 

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Hello there @CAGagle!

i personally like the idea. i have never played it before but i would love too. this may be a addition coming to NewMK.

if you don't know, check it out here!


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