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OhCon, more to say, have you?

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Hi everyone! As most of you may now, I'm OhCon! Formerly known as ConHatter and Con_R. I joined Palace in late October 2016 and I became a Knight on June 18th 2017. I transferred over to Moderator on September 30th 2017. You may usually find me on Creative as i'm very dedicated to the creative program.

Some Disney things about me:

  • My favourite Disney park is Disneyland Paris
  • My favourite Disney ride is Snow White's Scary Adventures
  • My favourite Disney movie is The Emperor's New Groove
  • My favourite Disney sequel is Cinderella III
  • My favourite Pixar movie is The Incredibles
  • My favourite Disney Princess is Snow White
  • My favourite Disney Villain is Lady Tremaine

Some not so Disney things about me:

  • Apart from Minecraft, i also play Sims, Kingdom Hearts and Super Mario Bros.
  • My favourite non-Disney film is Shrek
  • I have an obsession with Art
  • I sometimes watch anime in my freetime
  • My favourite film genre is Comedy

Those are a few things about me! If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to message me via Discord or on the server! Also feel free to say hello too!

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Great intro! Hope to see you around the parks!

Also great choice on your favorite Disney movie

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Added that last line

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