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Character of the Week - 12

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Hello There!

Welcome back to Character of the Week! The weekly game where you need to guess what character that is blurred!
Everyone did wonderfully, however I can only choose one winner!

Last week's character was Flynn Rider, great job to those who got it!


You may only submit one entry, for one character. Submitting more then one will result in elimination for this week.

You MUST be logged into your account and not on a guest account, this will result in immediate elimination.

The thread will be locked Saturday at 11:59 PM, you may not submit any responses after that.

Don’t be mean if you lose, remember it’s all randomized if you guessed the right character.

Now For Last Weeks Winners…

1st Place) @Sprinkle
2nd Place) @CuteMelissa17

3rd Place) @Beary77


Good luck everyone!

Submit your answer here: https://goo.gl/forms/f0xgdFzD3jOKRoqL2

Now for this week's character:



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