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Hi. names cabbage, and I write this post out of love and frustration for the server <3 and If i may be harsh its only because I love this server and would do anything to help it succeed 

Ive been a member of palace/MCmagic for 4 years i think its been now. and I've seen a whole lot change in that time. I've seen new epcots and Dhs, and AOA pop up, and its been really amazing seeing the brand new rides like TOT and ST, which really break the boundary for what I thought could be possible with this game.

But I digress, if your reading this its not because you wanted to see praise, but to see my SuGeStIoN .p.

My topic today is resorts. and ill be very frank, the resorts, as they stand today are in a state of total wreck and decay, and need a turn around 180, or this lack of maintenance or care for a very big part of the server WILL spread to other areas. I've been around the block here. and I've always loved the amazing details in some of the parks like Epcot that also break the boundary of what was other wise impossible.

not to say the resorts are terribly made, its quite the opposite. every time I walk into grand Floridian I still get the same Excitement  because of how grand and amazing the room was built!

Every detail, every statue and piano and flower was placed with care, and thus its one of the most beautiful rooms in the server. while this is awesome and I praise palace for these areas of resorts, which there are many, there are also a lot of places where the amazing feeling is totally gone because of the bareness and nothing ness to an area.

But again, not to just drag the server down with hate I would like to show a resort done right. AOA.

This resort was amazingly crafted with sublime detail, and while in real life its a lower end resort on the server its by far the nicest one! this resort shows the hard work off the servers builders and there own creativity when it comes to making the large props etc.

but alas... look across the bridge and you see the Pop century resort. coming soon? yea right. its been 2 years and NOTHING has been done. 

its a shame too because most of the resort is finished (yes I've gone and looked) but the last few elements like paths etc just need to be finished and get the resort going.

ok next is contemporary- this resort I actually also LOVEEEE. the amazing detail can be found all over the "open floor" area. it looks life like it truly does and I often see a lot of people there just roaming the stores, and admiring the build. but of coarse, just go down stairs to the first floor? NOPE! : D because theres green walls up every where claiming construction is being done.

its been 2 YEARS. nothing. I would much rather just tear down the walls and leave the resort be its in perfect condition.

now on to grand Floridian. this one is tricky- because as long as I've been on the server I've seen slowly but surly progress being made on it. its a very large resort and obviously not everything could be built right away. but there are still many areas of the resort that are very bare in detail and just sad to look at.

a pretty good example would be the shop m. mouse mercantile. never heard of it? exactly. thats because if you go there now its just an empty bare room with stairs. now again- not to just hate hate hate on the server I've actually gone ahead and made a replica of the store on creative, to show what  a little detail can do to make the server as a whole so much nicer in these older areas. 

I don't really know if you can see the pictures or where .p. but they should be somewhere here. it shows new and then old.

I don't even think that these need to become fully fledged shops. because I know those require a lot of code work and effort so I think the decor is fine enough like that.

I also wanted to talk about the areas around the resorts. specifically monorails- i think it wouldn't hurt to just put trees/ bushes around the monorail just so guests won't have to look at flat world but this post got too long xD

ok. thank you very much for reading this whole thing if you got this far. if so, you truly care about the server, probably more then I do. I just want to see this server thrive and I think while everything i said today will never happen, it is a nice thought. thank you for reading, a friendly neighbor hood message from Cabbagemoe








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Hey, really good ideas here. I do think myself that the resorts need some work however I would like to say myself that I would rather see really nice parks like New Mk and DLR being released as they mean more to the players and I know more to me. As of right now those things are Palace's top priority so I can understand the fact that they haven't gotten to the resorts in quite a while. I do agree mainly, but for reasons other than detail.

    I feel that the resorts server is about the least visited server on the server next to Typhoon Lagoon, it's just a fact. But I do also notice that there is a main issue and reason behind why these servers are very unvisited.. The reason behind that would be that they are indeed not very interactive! For example, typhoon lagoon is not shown much attention because there is not enough things there that will occupy the guests time. So, they explore what they can and they leave 10 or 20 minutes later. I would really like to see something like tubes in the water or beach balls being added to the park. This may even include more interactive shops and a more interactive beach, granted this would take time and coding. I view mostly the same thing with the resorts, they are well built in some parts but many parts of the resorts aren't very interacted with because they don't offer anything like a ride does in a park.

I wish there was a certain way to personalize a hotel room and make the room your own, this would really add some creativity and great opportunities for the resort server! For example, what if there was a way that someone could do certain personalized things like add a plant to their room, or even interact with their balconies and rooms in a way that wouldn't change the experience of the hotel room. At the end of their hotel room renting out their decorations that they put up or things that they interacted with are reset and left open for another guest to enjoy the experience. Another cool thing would be to use things like beach balls in the pools at resorts, it could add sense of realism for guests like they were actually hanging out at a Disney hotel. These are just ideas but we should still understand that there are higher priorities before Palace moves on to these areas of their server. The development team works very hard with their work and we should likely respect that.. I still do believe you addressed something that probably needed to be.

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thanks to all for responding! I don't think we necessarily need to redo all the resorts, and anyways that would take years to complete x D

eh idk maybe I've never thought about it before  but maybe ill apply for builder and eventually do it myself!

edited: I also completely understand that there are bigger projects with more importance, I just hope that there not forgotten!)

Edited by Cabbagemoe
addition to write .p.

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@Ulyk  I most definetely do agree, but a different opinion. 


First of all, they definetely need to do all of that to engage the guests all the time, but I feel like they should add the events like the tiedye shirt making, but custom armour they can wear around the park. Also, fun Disney trivia, and fun games around the pool. Just so then the resorts could be more realistic too, and also, they should host more just random dinner things at the resorts, same with the parks. They should also do instead of you walking up to the front of the room you want and clicking a sign, or just clicking their MagicBand, they have to go to the front of the resort and click on the front of the desk instead. I feel like they should have more fun stuff at the resorts, like games, and fun events, and also do it in a realistic way like they do in real life.

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