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Attraction Game?

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For this game, you would start your attraction with the last letter that the staff member or Guest said above. 

For example: Since it is Flight of Passage, I can say, Expedition Everest since it starts with an "E," and the last letter of "Passage" is an "e."

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On 8/28/2018 at 5:22 PM, TheRandomPerson2 said:

Let's start a new game!

You have to name an attraction from the Walt Disney World resort!

- The attraction you name must be from a different park as the one above. (If you have to, you can say it from the same park)
- The attraction you name must start with the letter from the middle of the attraction above.

Expedition Everest
O' Canda
Alien Swirling Saucers
And so on..

If the attraction you name has an even number of letters, go to the middle of the word and do the letter to the left.
One last thing, if you can not name an attraction that starts with the letter, you can move onto shows. If you still can not find it, start a new attraction but make sure to put "Restart" at the start of your entree.

Good luck, the starting word is... Dumbo

@megisawsm417 and @ScanWorks

the game isn’t last letter it’s middle letter just letting you know ;) 

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