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My Intro with MORE fun facts!

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Meep. Hi Guys! i am doing a intro with Fun Facts! if you want to see my normal intro look here: 

long story short... i am gonna do some Fun Facts!

first i LOVE Coding! don't even get me STARTED on coding :P i not a expert but i might be able to help so you CAN DM me on Discord if you want me to code but... just don't do anything TO Hard ok? namely, if you need any Python help, i am the person to come to :D

next up: Palace is one of my Fav Servers! i am a Dweller. i never like it when CC happens (who Likes it when Chat clears anyway???) and i do not like it when people fight. i am a rubbish builder but i love doing it. finally, i joined at some point in august 2016. i have been around for around 2 or 3 years. 

thats some fun facts :D

this is the Disney Enderman, Cjh66, signing Out!

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