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Thoughts on Cars

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Hi everyone. I didn't see this one posted about yet, so I'll start it up.

Ever since 2006 Cars has always been my favorite Disney/Pixar movie, just because it was the first. I was just starting school around the time I first viewed it on DVD. It was entertaining back then; I loved all the characters and how Lightning McQueen met tons of friends during the course of the movie.

I recently watched it 2 days ago, believe it or not. The perspective of watching the movie as a high schooler is actually slightly different than a kid's point of view. It's the same old cast, but you see new phrases and you see moments differently. As a kid it was all like "Oh whats gonna happen next! Oh this is hype!" and today its remembering those moments but also seeing out some heartwarming ones as well.

What are your thoughts on Cars? You can share them below!

Thanks for reading

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I love Cars and I love Cars 3... but.... Cars 2 was such a let down... It was not the sequel Lightning Mcqueen Deserved

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Cars will always be a great Disney Pixar movie and while I understand the negativity towards Cars 2 - you have to give it some credit! 

The very concept of the countries, the culture and the makes of cars to represent the citizens from that country!! How is this not amazing?? Not to mention the queen. The. Queen. 

I understand the lost plot of mater kidding he was a spy and all that jazz but the grand priz elements with the three countries MADE the movie.

*drops microphone*






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