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ThePilotGamer’s Introduction

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Hello! I’m ThePilotGamer, however I am most commonly known as Pilot. 


I joined the server in January of 2015 and fell in love instantly! I became a Trainee on the 27th of January and I got promoted to Mod last month! My favourite part of being a staff member on Palace is meeting new friends! I met lots of friends on here that my friend list is over 10 pages long! (I’m aiming for 50 pages :))


Let’s talk about some things outside of Palace. I love Walt Disney World and I have been there 11 times! I enjoy playing Rugby and at school I play football (not American football you Americans hehe) at playtime and lunch time. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES AND CHOCOLATE. :) But I hate cheese! I can already see the angry comments haha!


Anyway, thanks for reading my introduction, and I’ll see you on Palace!

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