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Theme Parks on Creative: A Guide to the Basics!


So! You just either got a new plot or cleared your old plot and you too, want to build your own theme park? Well that's fantastic but there is multiple things to take into account when creating one! By the time you finish reading this, you'll either have an idea on to where to go from here, or starting on your way to make your very own Creative Theme Park! 


Now most important question is: What theme is your theme park?
     This is very important when it comes to building one! After all, they are called theme parks for a reason! 

Your park can be any theme you want it to be! Such as, a genre (Sci-fy, Fantasy, Adventure, ect.) It can be based off a certain aspect that you think you can build a whole park including rides, eateries, and shows around. Take my park for example, I chose the holiday Halloween and now using this concept to build around. It makes your park more cohesive when it comes to looking at it as a whole-This can also be very appealing to the eye when applying for Creator or CSBuild! 


Moving on, your next question is: What will be in your park?

Expanding on that question, it is more or less to help you figure out what your "eye candy" is to the park. If you go to Magic Kingdom, OF COURSE you want to gawk at the castle for a few moments! If you go to Epcot, OF COURSE you want to gawk at the Epcot Ball for a few moments! If you go to Animal Kingdom, OF COURSE- you get my drift. 

You want to find something that you can feature to your guests. This brings us back, appealing to the eye. Say you open your gates to your guests, they're going to want to take photos are the most picturesque places in your park (The Castle, the Epcot Ball, the Tree of Life...). These featured attractions will get your guests talking and want more people to join in! 


Your final question is: How do I want to go about making it a reality?

Well, I will go over that in more depth lower down the page.


Now that you've got a central idea or something that you want to build your park around, now is the fun part: Making it all real.]

There is a few things you'll want to keep in mind when outlining your park: 

  • What rides will it include?
  • Where is a good place to watch the fireworks (if you have Show Creator)?
  • Photospots and where are they the best?
  • Places to eat?
  • How well your theme will tie into everything.
  • Terrain and keeping the plot interesting.
  • Maybe even some Easter eggs?


These are ones that I think are interesting however, my list can be much more different from yours! Now that you've got yourself a few ideas, the best part is outlining and making your plot come to life! 

My method is a bit unorthodox however, this is how I go about building my theme parks: 

  1. Make a minimap of what I want the plot to look like. I usually have this floating in the sky about my entrance so I know where the front of the park is and that I can always check it is need be.
  2. I'm guilty of not outlining until I get a certain section. Such as when I am building Mainstreet, I'll outline all my buildings at that time so I can figure out how I want my street to look. If not, the outlines can be adjusted before the actual building commences. 
  3. Build what makes you comfortable. You don't have to finish all of Mainstreet in one day. I tend to bounce between different places in my park. One day you can feel like terraforming, next you'd be in the mood to crank out a few rides. No one is holding you accountable if you don't finish the whole project before moving onto something out. That's the beauty of it being your own plot.
  4. Don't expect it to be finished overnight and DEFINITELY do not feel obligated to rush your project. Beautiful things take time. Gives you the chance to really add some details and whatnot.


Now, I think I gave plenty of input on how to go about succeeding at the Theme Park game! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, shoot me a message on Discord or the server! I'll be more than happy to help! 


Happy Building!



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Hmm I Already Started my Park 2 Years ago but RN Its in a #BetterADL Detail & Improvement Rennovation but My Park is Looking Better


Im Already through the Basics xD


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