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I have a confession... I have never been to any Disney Park in my life!!! It is my absolute dream to go to Disneyworld one day and see all the parks. However, I am so upset that I will never get to see wishes! Yes, Happily Ever After is an amazing show but Wishes looked incredible! I still cannot wait to go and see all the shows! I am also really excited for IROE.

I have to say though, on the server, Wishes is definetly my favourite. What is yours?


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In Walt Disney World, I loved Wishes, but when I saw Happily Ever After for the first time, I thought it was just as amazing as Wishes! My favorite show in Disneyland, is Disneyland Forever, even though it's retired, that show still had me in tears.  I loved it! 

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My favorite has to be Illuminations. The music and the atmosphere around it is really what doesnit for me.

On 4/30/2018 at 6:31 PM, zacharym1422 said:

An unpopular opinion, but I love Rivers of Light as well! 

I completely agree with you! The show really ties together Animal Kingdom. The addition of Rivers of Light along with Pandors makes Animal Kingdom 10 times better for me.

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