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MY UPDATED and very long INTRO

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Hello. I am SuperPotatqx, and I loove the server. I'm usually on everyday, but sometimes I take periods of breaks, like I did this week as I was playing different games. I wanted to list some interesting facts about me and also some fun one. (There are more fun ones, but anyways, let's get started!)

Username on MC: SuperPotatqx

Close friends on the server: BasicallyBree, LouieWho, leinix (doesn't play as much anymore if you don't see her.) davidzoo, and dylancv1030. Those are my bestest friends on the server. Note: I have known them for a year or more (leinix was my first closest, I met her at the VERRY beginning.)

Hobbies: Playing Palace, playing Roblox, watching YouTube, reading, playing piano

Favorite themepark: Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom to be specific

Favorite rides at Walt Disney World: Flight of Passage, Test Track, Slinky Dog Dash, and Big Thunder Mountain.

Favorite food: PIZZAAA

Favorite food at Walt Disney World: Fish and chips, pizza 

Favorite restaurant at WDW: Yorkshire Fish County, Contempo Cafe

Favorite Disney resort: Contemporary Resort

Favorite movies: Pixar: 1. Toy Story 2 2. Coco 3. The Incredibles. Walt Disney Studios: 1. Beauty and the Beast (the new one) 2. Moana 3. Frozen

Non-Disney: 1. Wonder 2. Sing 3. Boss Baby

Favorite Disney YouTubers: 1. Michael Kay 2. TheTimTracker 3. Fastpass Facts 5. TPMVids

Favorite other youtubers: 1. Gamer Chad 2. DanTDM 3. MicroGuardian


Okie that's it. Sorry I'm wasting your time with a long list of my favorite stuff. :p

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