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A Magical Introduction

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Hello everyone!

I am MagicA550, and I am currently a Moderator here on the Palace Network. Part of my role as a Moderator is to ensure that chat on our Minecraft Server, Discord Server and Forums is kept clear of anything that is against the Rules.

So, a little about me:

  • I am a member of our Show Development and Ride Technician Group, meaning I create and develop shows and rides for you all to enjoy. Some of my latest projects include March of the First Order, Moonlight Magic: Melodies of Epcot and H20 Glow.
  • Building is absolutely not my strong point - I prefer working with Command Blocks.
  • I used to run events here on the Network. They were "Star Wars: Galactic Nights" and "A Day at Disney".
  • Rank History: (These are estimates, I honestly cannot remember exact dates. Sorry!)
    • Settler - January 2017
    • Majestic - May 2017
    • Squire/Trainee - June 17th 2017
    • Knight/Moderator - August 2017
      • Ranks changed soon after I became a Knight to ensure that people could understand them easily
  • I live in Britain so I may be online very early/late for some of you.
  • My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff.

Thank you very much for reading, and I look forward to seeing you around on Palace!

Have a Magical Day!

MagicA550 :)


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GO RAVENCLAW! xD typed it wrong woops. xD hope to see you in zah parks!

Edited by cjh66
Realised my house was Ravenclaw
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