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Thoughts on the Shrek franchise

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From when i was a child, i grew up with the Shrek movies, it's one of my favourite Non-Disney franchises ever! I love it's comedy, references and even fairy-tale crossovers. I'm gonna give my honest opinions and ratings on all 4 movies, i'm excluding any shorts though.

Shrek: An amazing fairy-tale movie , the animation was amazing , we meet new characters, there was an amazing score, and I love the whole plot twist , as well as the contrast of romance and action, and we get to see a wonderful Happily ever after for everyone, except Lord Farquaad of course! 9/10

Shrek 2: My favourite out of the entire franchise, a wonderful way to continue a movie. It still retains its sense of comedy, action and love too. I think the Fairy Godmother was an amazing villain and how she was played by the wonderful Jennifer Saunders. The I Need A Hero scene is my favourite part in the movie! It's a pure enjoyment!  10/10

Shrek 3: Not the best one. it lacked it's sense of humour in some moments and made me yawn a few times but the animation has improved over the years. Lets be honest, the best moments are with Fiona and the Princesses, they're presented entirely opposite to their Disney counterparts (i.e Cinderella having OCD and Sleeping Beauty having narcolepsy) which makes me laugh, it's amazing seeing gals like them fight for themselves! Seeing Shrek having a family in the end also makes me happy too. 6/10

Shrek 4: What i dislike about this film is the back in time cliche, Rumplestiltskin was a good villain, having a greedy and manipulative personality but wants to be King, just like Farquaad. I also dislike how they got rid of so many characters from the previous film, such as Arthur, Merlin , the Princesses and even the villains too! But everyone gets a happy ending again so i'll credit them for that. 5/10

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