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Thoughts on new Disney ride sharing service

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Okay, so this infuriated me when I first discovered last year this was going to be happening along with Disney's streaming service, and parking fees at hotels for on property guests.

Why fight Uber or lyft? These are two of the more profitable ride sharing apps in the world and are together worth over $80 billions (Uber making up $70 billion of that). Disney could easily make an area of a parking lot dedicated to Uber and Lyft pickups. They would be able to sell this to Uber and Lyft depending on how many of their vehicles do enter the parks to pick up guests.

But what does Disney do, they make it 90 billion times more difficult by blocking Uber and Lyft vehicles from entering their parking lots and creating their own ride sharing service which will consist of an underage employee and basic SUV's/"Minnie Vans" picking up guests. The cost difference compared to Uber and Lyft is projected to be more expensive even during its first year of operation.

This, the streaming service, the hotel parking fees, and price hikes are making Disney less affordable to the middle income household. 


Sorry for the sorta rant <3


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