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Bigger and Badder. ok maybe not xDD

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Hi! My name is cjh66. you can call me cj though.

I am currently ** years old (lol) and i love Palace Network.

when i am not on Palace i am normally playing other games such as Mario, Fortnite, ect.

You can find me on these places:

Discord: my name is currently Pumpkin66 but at the end of October i will be changed to cjh66.

Names on any other game: Most commonly cjh66 so if you see someone with that name it is probs me. on Nintendo systems i am cj

my ranks?

when i first joined i was a Guest on MCMagic. wut dat? idk

i then was given Honorable by Someone.

When MCMagic changed to Palace i became a Dweller.

I love Mario games and i am currently working on my own timeline that will be VERY VERY LONG.

My fav Disney movie is all of them

Pixar: Toy Story

Marvel: Avengers


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