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Hopping on the train (Updated intro.)

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Hello there! It's colefb9 or NotColefb9 (Depending on how you know me these days)

I am an Honorable on the Palace Network, and I am that guy who spam rides gmr.

I've been part of this community since mid to late 2015, but I became more active in late 2017.

Some things to know:

I enjoy Reddit, especially their prequel memes.

I've read and watched the Game of Thrones series, still waiting on GRRM to release book 6 :/

I play Hockey, right now, I just started dek hockey season (variant of street), and will be starting roller in November.

I listen to a lot of music (except for country and k-pop)

Since this is Palace I am obliged to list some Disney things:

Favorite Movie: The Emperor's New Groove

Character: Too hard, ask later when I decide

Park: Epcot

Ride: While I do spam ride gmr, irl, my favorite rides are splm and rrc

Now here is a fun little gif:


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