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davidzoo -4 years on Server!

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Hello Everybody, A lot of you may know me for. Pfft, A lot of reasons. I Began on the server in 2015 around  August and I was very unfamiliar and Not sure how it will work but, It worked out to be the Best server In the world! I First thought it was a basic fun server with a creative Server to build and ''Create your Own Magic'' but after a while it gets easier. Its a fun ride to be on the Palace. I Have been through Mostly all the Donor ranks there was.








I Have changed throughout the years and met Newer people. I Would like to thanks 'therealdukie' for creating and managing MCMagic to get what Palace is now. There has been Ups and downs but I truly love this server and as it will begin to grown and expand into a larger community. My life could not be the same without you guys! Thanks,


Also back to the beginning, My Park is Called ADventureLand.  Okay that's It for Now. Thanks for Making this server possible for all the Staff

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