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Hi. I'm POV.

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Oh great, I have to write another one of these even though I just did one.

Hello everyone! I'm POV, a Moderator on the Palace Network. It may have taken long enough, but I finally made it. When I'm on the server, you'll mostly see me either on creative working on my stadium or on the parks riding rides and interacting with all our lovely guests. However, there are times when I'm not on the server. Excuses, I mean reasons, for not being on include school, swim and playing other games.


1. Playing party or board games with friends

2. Talking with friends (I get lonely sometimes)

3. Watching Cartoons

4. Scaring Others (It'll happen) >:D

5. Theme Parks/Roller Coasters

6. Water Parks/Waterslides



Settler/Guest: Summer/Fall 2013

Dweller/DVC: 2015

Noble: 2016/2017

Honorable: Summer 2017

Trainee: October 6, 2018

Mod: November 20, 2018

Hope this gave some information on me as a person, and I hope I can have a close relationship with everyone. Thanks for reading and have a magical day! xD

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