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Chickens Updated Intro :)

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Here we go for round 2 :D

Hi there! My name’s ChickenGirl19, but you can just call me Chicken. (Or Girl19 if you’re Ulyk). I’m currently a trainee on Palace and am so excited to be working with you amazing people! When I’m on the server, I’ll most likely be around the parks somewhere, so please say hi! If I’m on the server, I’ll also be on discord, so feel free to leave me a message! Along with that, here’s some fun Disney facts about me :)

Favorite Park - Epcot!

Favorite Ride - Spaceship Earth or Space Mountain!

Favorite WDW food - Dole Whips or Mickey Waffles!

Favorite Movie - Dumbo, or anything Marvel!

Favorite Character - Daisy Duck!

My family travels to Disney World quite often, as we are annual passholders and DVC members.


I’ve been playing the server since late 2017, so I haven’t held too may ranks yet but here’s a quick estimate.

Settler - October (?) 2017 - October 6th 2018

Trainee - October 6th 2018 - Present


Outside of Palace, I am a competitive Hockey Player and a huuuuge Toronto Maple Leafs Fan!


Can’t wait to see you all on the parks! Have a magical day :)


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