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The Honor Update: Phase One


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Hello there! I’m Lego, one of the Managers on Palace. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about new feature releases, but I’m excited to start doing them again! We have a lot of new features coming out soon, and some are coming out today!

We’ll be calling this update “The Honor Update” and it will be released in phases. Today is Phase One, and we’ll make posts about future phases as they come closer.

So what’s in Phase One, you might ask? Let’s take a look…

Honor Points


This will be Palace’s new leveling system! Above your experience bar you’ll see a number based on what level you are, and the experience bar will show your progress to the next level. Each level requires you to earn more and more Honor Points to reach the next one.

Now you might be wondering “How do I earn Honor Points?” Great question!

We will be fully rolling this out over the next few days, however here’s how you will get Honor Points on the network:

  • Playing in the Arcade
    • Scoring/placing higher in games gets you more HP
  • Riding rides
    • You get a certain amount of HP per minute a ride lasts, so Kilimanjaro Safaris rewards more HP than it’s a small world.
  • Watching Shows
    • Similar to rides, you get a certain amount of HP depending on how long the show is.
  • Earning Achievements
    • Each achievement you earn gets you 5 HP. You no longer get 5 tokens per achievement.
  • Playing on Creative
    • You’ll still earn $10 every 30 minutes, however now you’ll get 5 HP for every 18 minutes you spend on Creative.
      • Why 18? We spent a while trying to balance the “worth” of every action that rewards HP on the server and, after a lot of calculations, we found that 5 HP for every 18 minutes spent is the best balance between Creative, Parks, Arcade, etc.

Those are all of the different ways you can earn Honor Points on the network. We might make some slight modifications if we find one section rewards too much compared to the others.

In a future update, you’ll be able to claim rewards for each level you pass. Stay tuned for that!

Crafting Menu baa-iW8hl05tktwxdSy8QJj9RGRnH-PW2RnNI3Yr A smaller but important change being made to the network is the introduction of the Crafting Menu. No, this doesn’t mean you can craft items. (sorry!) It’s a new place where we’re going to keep important menu items. This will be accessible from your survival crafting inventory everywhere on the network (except Creative since, ya know, Creative mode).

You’ll be able to enable Cosmetics on Creative in one of the future updates. For now, however, you’re still able to use the Creative particles in the Star Menu.


Achievements have existed on the server for over a year, however they’ve been broken for the past few months. We’re glad to say they’re back up and running again, and you can go earn achievements!

Each achievement awards you 5 HP, providing new players the ability to earn a lot of HP quickly. Because of this, we’ve removed everyone’s earned achievements to allow everyone to start fresh. If you already had most of the achievements available, then you wouldn’t get as much HP as a new player who goes through to earn all achievements.

Also, we’re planning on adding more achievements for you to earn in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!


We will be rolling out all of these new features over the next hour or two today, so come join the server to check them all out!

That’s all for Phase One of The Honor Update, thanks for reading!

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