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The Creator Project

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The Creator Project is the place where you will show us your best work. This is where you will show us all the tricks you use in building and the creativity you have.  

The Creator Project is where we find future builders for our server. If you are interested in building for us please apply to be on this project. This project shows us what you know and your strengths in building. Everyone builds in their own style. Show us yours. 

During the project our team of builders will come and offer some advice as you build. 

The requirements before you sign up for the Creator Project is to have a plot on creative and have something built on that plot. It doesn't need to be complete it just needs to show us you are active on the creative server.  You also need to be on our Discord with a working microphone so we are able to communicate with you throughout the project. 

Everyone is able to join the Creator Project. We won't be able to choose everyone at once so please make sure you apply again next time. People are chosen at random.

Each player chosen will earn the [creator] tag at the end of the project as long as it is complete. 

If you are ready click through to the Application below and show us your stuff.

Link to Application: CLICK ME


Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Sock_Sowachowski on our Discord. 

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