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Well here we go again it’s been a while

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HEY ( ◠‿◠ )

It’s been a while since I made my old introduction and I have some extra info to give. So I thought why not make a new one.

So some of you might know me already, if you don’t already know me I’m Chrisboy04 but most people just refer to me as Chris (which I actually prefer), I’ve been on palace (McMagic) for around 4 years (i think, otherwise I’m near the 4 year mark).


I’ve always enjoyed walking around the parks and being creative. So if you see me walking around the parks I’m either 

  1. Walking around the parks with friends
  2. testing my knowledge about the parks

I’m always open to talk to people, so if you see me on the server don’t be scared to talk to me. I promise I (usually) don’t bite. 

Here’s some info about me (if you’re interested):

  • I am Dutch (meaning I live in the Netherlands (country west of Germany))
  • I’ve always had a guest rank on the server
  • My favourite Disney movie is: The nightmare before Christmas
  • My favourite Pixar movie has to be: cars (because of how many times I watched it when I was younger)
  • my favourite Disney character is a tie between: Leroy (Leroy and stitch) and jack skellington (the nightmare before Christmas
  • my favourite Disney Park is Epcot (just like the rest of palace) 
  • I am very interested in a few topics, some of those being: airplanes roller coasters and trains.
  • I’ve been on the forums since: the middle of April 2018

If there’s anything you want to know please feel free to read my old introduction: 


or you can ask me what you want to know


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