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[SPOILERS] Thoughts on Nutcracker and the Four Realms

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Meep. Hi o/

In todays Post i will be asking you on Thoughts on...

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.png

Sooo... L-E-T-S G-E-T StArTeD.

Ok so... normal Checkbox:

  • Famous Actors: Yep, Morgan Freeman as The Godfather,
  • Wilhelm Scream (for you peeps who don't know, its a scream that you hear in a bunch of Star Wars Movies): Check! In the scene where they are all falling in the holes
  • Scary Jumpscare: C'MON DISNEY WHY?!? Yep when Clara goes inside Ms. Ginger's Animatronic Outfit, Yep, JUMPSCARE AHOY!. C'MON DISNEY!!!
  • Action Scenes: eh, some but not as much as i would have wanted.
  • Plot Twist: YAS WE ALL LOVE A GOOD PLOT TWIST! WaRnInG, sPoIlErS aHeAd. PrOcEeD wItH cAuTiOn. Sugerplum is eval!!
  • Comic Relief: Yup. Cavalier and Harlequin are HUGE Comic Relief Characters.
  • Characters who Get Game Overs: WOW DISNEY! No Character Game Overs! (Unless y'know, you count Sugerplum becoming a Toy is a Game Over but, i don't)

K time for the CJRATING: 9.8/10. the Jumpscare and lack of Sword Fighting kinda downed the score a little. but over all, I. Loved. It. I Would Get it on DVD if it does :D

What was your favorite part? and who is your favorite character? Let moi know in the comments below \/ \/


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