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New Community Forums!

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Welcome to our updated Community Forums! Our previous forum software had been with us since the beginning, but didn't fit our exact needs for our community. Now, with a fresh look and a soon-to-be-updated main website, we plan to use these new forums to encourage discussion in our community!

Palace Network

Get announcements just like this in our Announcements and News forum. We'll make new posts there explaining all of the upcoming plans we have for Palace! Tell us what you think in our Feedback & Suggestions forum. Suggest changes or improvements that can be made anywhere from the server to the forums to discord. You can even suggest a New Forum idea if you'd like us to expand our forums. And most importantly, check out our Introduce Yourself forum! Whether you just joined yesterday or have been here for years, take a moment to tell other members of our community about yourself. What's your favorite Disney movie? Favorite Universal Studios Orlando ride? It's up to you!

Character Space

Do you have a question regarding our Character program? Ask away in the Character Support forum.

Theme Parks

Want to have discussions about your favorite theme parks? Then this is the place for you! There are separate forums for Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Universal Orlando Resort. You can write an op-ed about why you like/dislike a ride, review a restaurant, or whatever else you'd like!


Here we encourage you to have discussions about movies! Right now there is only a forum for Disney movies, but if enough members of our community would like this expanded, submit a New Forum idea!

Creative Corner

The Creative Corner is back up and running! Weekly spotlights will be posted in the Creative Spotlights forum. We also encourage you to share pictures of your Minecraft Builds! Also, there's an area for you to share any Graphic Designs you've made!

Abuse Center

This is a section of the forums where you can submit a Ban Appeal, Report a Guest or Report a Staff Member. Only you and staff members can see your posts in these forums. Please follow the rules of each forum accordingly. We reserve the right to have final decision on all bans and reports.


So that's the quick summary of our new forums! We hope everyone likes them and welcome any suggestions for changes in the future. Thanks!

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excellent job on the revamp of the forums! props to all the staff who worked on it, it turned out great :D

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We are glad you all enjoy it! We have amazing Developers and Managers who took time and made this website come true! Thank you everyone for being patient with us. Enjoy the forums and see you all in the parks soon!

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Fantastic job on the new community forums! Allows people to express themselves and meet new friends! I adore the closeness of this community and how welcome everyone is!


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