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Hello everyone, I remember doing this when I became Trainee almost 2 months ago and here I am saying that I am your new Moderator!

Being a part of this community really got me to meet new faces, new ways of seeing the server and you all! Everyday I come onto the server and I just feel better. After a rough day of school I like coming on the see you all and help you get a magical and wonderful experience. I will say what I LOVE, LIKE and HATE

LOVE: I LOVE the movie Cars 1 2 AND 3, I love all Toy Storys and I also love the movie Ratatouille! Why you ask? If you have not realised, I picked three movies that make things we take for granted these days into a wonderful kids movie! I love how the story is different in every movie and I JUST LOVE IT! I love any kinds of food to be honest... I love you all as well!

LIKE: I like almost everything on the Palace Network. There are a few things I hate such as Spammers/Hackers but what can you do. I like everything around me from you guys (but that is a love) to the server!

HATE: I hate anything that does not please me such as School. xD

Thank you for reading my Updated n'2 Introduction! See you all in the Parks!

Kind regards and have a Magical day,



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