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Thrill town.

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Thrill town will be a new theme park to experience on creative, it will feature some rides that our team of technicians (me) will create just for this park, it will also show some already existing ride systems that we developed: like the soon opening dolphin dash at SeaWorld Palace.

This will also be a place for you (our customer) to experience our rides so you can consider asking us to develop your theme parks newest ride.

These are the plans for our current themed lands: The ones with the question marks are still up in the air and might change later. Some themed areas already have a rollercoaster planned.

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Here are some updated plans, most of our lands, now feature backstories. Here you have the current backstories:


Aether Station

Is a settlement in a distant galaxy called: Sigma Adastreia

Iris Station (a settlement close to the Aether Station) on the planet “chalao” Is home to the famous Titan Terminal one of the oldest public spaceports in the universe only after the one on Mars, the whole settlement has been abandoned for years and according to some it’s haunted by those who could never return home. But now thanks to the

Mitchell Recoverer probe explorers were able to visit the old settlement. Those brave explorers should’ve been back by now, so now it’s your turn to go after them as a member of a search party. But before you leave be sure to pick up the one of a kind drink at the Bean Me Up Coffee café.


The Windy Wilds

The windy wilds is an area in a big forest where (according to some legends) a mythical moose resides. This moose was in a slumber for 1000’s of years but now he has awakened, with the nature surrounding him being in a very bad state (due to humans) he will do everything he can to restore it to its former glory.



This is a small western town in the middle of nowhere. This small mining village is home to the little known Canostall Chasm home to one of the rarest metals on the planet. Gluisium (the metal) is sought after by many miners, but not all have returned will you return safely? Or will you meet a faith similar to all those who have gone in before you?



This is a steampunk town near an old abandoned cave, take a ride in one of Eugene (Orville Doughtry)’s newest inventions: the Summersong, the Agamemnon or the revelation. And take a trip around Gravenpoint in your very own airship, but with Jessamine (Phoebe Necket) being the mechanic anything can happen.


Lagoon of the Kraken.

This is an ancient pirate town started by the infamous pirate “Hawkins Hale” also known as the gold snake. Before he settled down here, he used the caves around the lagoon to hide his gold, maybe you will find some of his gold when venturing deep into the caves. But be careful because old Captain Hawkins liked a good puzzle or 2.


Gold snake’s caves

These are the cave systems Gold snake used to hide his treasure. Will you be able to find his treasure or will you get lost between all of the Fossils scattered throughout the caves?

They are all visible on this map:


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