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Hiya! I Am A Player On Palace! If You Ever Join Palace (or are new) I Will Always Be Happy To Show You Around :D

I Am Probably Going To Be One Of The First Players You Find On Palace ;) 

If You Ever Need Any Help, I'm Normally On Creative!

If You Cannot Find Me Party Me And Do /p warp :) 


I Recently Got Dweller, And I Was Previously A Settler! :P

Here Is Some Stuff You May Have Not Known About Me! :D 

My Favourite Movie, Is The Polar Express :P

I'm On Palace A lot *cough* 100% Most Underatted Server Ever lol *cough*

I Own My Own Park With The Max Staff XD

Some Day I Would Like To Join The Palace Staff Team :) 

I Like To Make People's Days :D 

My Birthday Is December 15! *lol I'm making this on my birthday* 

My Favourite Colour Rank Is Noble

I'm Quite Fast At Building And Typing :P

I Can Go On And On About games, and Disney.

Here Is Some Other Info That Does Not Matter, But I Feel Like I Should Tell You XD :

I've Been To DLR 1 Time (Maybe More I Don't Remember XD)

I've Been To WDW A lot I Can't Remember :P

A lot Of People Will Not Know This and you never will...  Why I Named My Username ItzPolarBear XD

I Hope You All Enjoyed My Intro! :) I Hope To See You All Around ;) 


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