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Animal Kingdom | Animal Facts, and more!

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Animal Kingdom Animal Facts

The purpose of this topic is to allow everyone who comes onto the server to understand the different types of animals that you see on Animal Kingdom in a more in depth way. Hopefully, you will learn something new in each animal and also have a lot more fun at the same time whilst learning! 

There will be a weekly post which will cover a different species and;

General facts, interesting facts, did you knows and where they can be found in the Animal Kingdom! Posts will also include pictures of each animal so you can understand what they look like! 

Throughout the weeks, there may be some animals which people can be scared of; to allow this to be fun for all- pictures will be hidden by spoilers and be appropriately labelled so that people can bypass pictures if they want to.

I hope you enjoy these weekly posts and learn something new! If you want a specific animal to be featured, be sure to let me know; but we will get round to all species in AK, so don't panic if your favourite animal is not featured right away!

Thanks to @Canis18 for allowing this to happen!

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