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Suggestion - Off-Topic forum

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Hi players, staff, and everyone else,

We all have an interest in Disney and of course Minecraft, which brings us all together as the server and forums. However, we have other interests too, right? I'd like to propose a separate forums section for any non-disney discussion. In order to keep this kid-friendly, which is mandatory for the success of this, I have some proposed sample rules with it:

-No serious subjects. And by serious I mean harmful/violent/tragic topics

-No swearing/vulgar material/inappropriate concepts

-No political discussion

An example of a thread that would fit under this forum would be something like "Thoughts on six flags" or "What's your favorite color." The goal here is for kid-friendly discussion between friends of a common interest (Disney) about topics not related to it.

Extra details:

-This should be called "Non-Disney discussion/Off-Topic," and it should probably be its own category because it is not affiliated with Palace Network/Theme Parks/etc

-The subforum description should strictly present rules that will keep discussion safe and kid friendly


If you support this idea, please leave a like! (click on the heart button twice to do so)

Thanks for reading this, and have a nice day.

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