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Inside Out - Opinions

Inside Out  

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Pixar never fails to amuse me as their films are always so creative and well thought out. Inside Out is a film that never really interested me until a flight home from New York and it was broadcast to the plane. Since that moment, I have been in love <3

The idea of little emotions controlling our everyday lives amuses me so much. I also love the scenery in this movie. The story of inside out was so well thought out and is just such an amazing film. I think I relate to Disgust the most as I dislike lots of foods and hate leaving my house unless I feel comfortable with others seeing me.

I also love Joy and I think it is important for us all to be Joyous in life. Sadness annoyed me so much but once again it allowed us to see that it is ok for us to cry sometimes as long as we have friends around to make us happy. Anger is another who made me smile throughout. Fear though... He turned out to be hilarious and I love his character so much!

I love this movie and would love to hear your opinions! <3


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