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Hey! I'm Nitro (Update)

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Heyo! My name is Nitro and I am a Noble (soon to be Honorable). I have previously creating an introduction but i'm creating another one because IT'S 2019 BOYS! Anyhoo, here is the tea.

1. My name is Nitro

2. My favourite show is Canis Cooks because logic

3. My inspiration is @limegreenicy

4. I am a Salsa King (Salsa Queen @Cassiopeiya)

5. My favourite park is Animal Kingdom

6. I was featured in the Donor Interview on the recent Palace Forecast

7. I am a penguin (Who knew)

8. I am a printer (Fight me @ScanWorks)

9. My favourite movie is Finding Nemo

10. My favourite character is Stitch

11. My favourite staff member is, of course, @limegreenicy

12. My childhood game was Club Penguin

And that's about it. Thank you all for reading my introduction and I hope to see you all in the Parks.

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