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Area Music/ Ride Music in Creative?

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Depending on how it works in main this might be impossible to implement for guests in creative but it never hurts to ask!

I was wondering if it could be possible to have area music and such for parks in creative (There would have to be a preset database of music to choose from to make sure things stay appropriate, of course). It's perfectly fine If it's not possible!  

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9 hours ago, ScanWorks said:

Hello @BrerCountry!

There is Show Creator on creative for music. I do like the idea of ride audio also!

I meant like how they have it on main. Different audio loops/segments in each land!  Also Ride Sound Effects would be awesome too! (Water Splashes/Roars/Screams/etc.)

Just to help the Creative park builders get more authenticity!

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I like this!

For ride sound effects, You can have it where you place a sign under a piece of activator or detector rail and on the sign it says 


[Track Audio]

Scream 1


Or something along those lines! And then once your minecart goes over the track it plays the track on the audio server!


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