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Storks movie review *Warning Spoilers*

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Hi guys! I've never reviewed anything so if this is bad I'm sorry. Anyways, Unless you've watched it, don't read this review. It contains spoilers.

Oh and by the way i'm also listening to storks music in the backround.


Anyways, To the review!


I'm going to do it like a survey style review.


Mood you should be in: Happy

Mood the movie is in: Joyus/Sad

Music By: The Lumineers

Plot: A human wants to deliver a baby, after the company that used to deliver babies started to deliver phones.

The major plot twist: The human was actually one of the babies that has a family, but could never be delivered.

My favorite song from the movie: Holdin On

My favorite scene from the movie: When you see the baby in all the stages of her life.

Stars: 5

There's my review.

Pick up litter, save a life


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