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Intoducing Myself!

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Just a quick heads up, I'm terrible at writing these things. 


Hello everyone I am RockyRoss9, but please call me Ross! 


I've been on Palace for numerous years and I love Palace! it is the best family friendly place to be! I got banned about 3 years ago, and I am still fighting through it and I am still submitting Ban Appeals as we speak. Before I got banned I loved the server and spent all my free time playing, back then it wasn't called Palace Network it was MCMagic, I still forget that it has changed names today! The server is an amazing place to be, and has had a lot of big youtubers visit.  I really hope I can visit the Palace Network again someday and see you all again! Thanks for reading my introduction, Have a wonderful day! 


( One extra thing... Good luck to everyone that applies for Staff/Character's, if you don't get accepted the first time, try and try again until you succeeded!) 

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