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Remake since I didn't realize I could make it pretty

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Hey there! I'm GalaxyyCakes, but you can call me Galaxyy
I've been around for a while but I haven't been very active. I'm trying to change that though!
I usually spend most my time on creative attempting to build 
And if I'm not on creative I'm probably at teacups with Avlyy and Mavly or running around annoying Ghoste <3
I'm a chill person and love to just hang out and ride some rides
Lowkey here for the money
I have this ever so dying quest to get everyone's autograph
I'm slowly becoming more active on the discord and attempting to be active on here ^-^
I'm always up to talk and at this point, I really just want a rainbow and am looking for things to add 
So how's your day going? Hope it's well and if not I hope it gets better

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