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Its-a me, Solarsystem7!

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Well, I guess it’s time to introduce myself...

• My name is Solarsystem7, (if you couldn’t tell...)

• I’ve been on the Palace Network/McMagic for over 4-5 years, as of 2018!

• I am in the PST. So, I’m 3 hours behind all y’all East-Coasters!

• I absolutely adore Disney/Pixar! I go to Disneyland regularly. My top 3 Disney/Pixar movies are: 1.) Coco 2.) Big Hero 6 3.) Aladdin. My favorite Disneyland shows are: 1.) Paint the Night 2.) Fantasmic! 3.) Disneyland Forever.

• I am a big fan of Nintendo consoles and games! I own a Nintendo Switch with over 22 games, as well as a DSi, 3DS, and a Nintendo Wii! My favorite Nintendo series is the Legend of Zelda.

• I absolutely love Italian food! Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta and pizza are my absolute favorites! However, I love Filipino foods as well! Some foods that make my mouth water include singang and lumpia! Search it up kids!


So, what do you think? If you ever see me on the server, which I usually go on very often (almost everyday!), be sure to say hi! Comment what you think!

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Love your introduction, your movie taste is spot on! I love Big Hero 6 especially!

Hope to see you online sometime!


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