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SeaWorld Palace Intern Template / Information

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If you're reading this, you are most likely interested in becoming an Intern at SeaWorld Palace, but what do you do as an Intern? As an Intern, you will do the roles a trainer does, but on a smaller scale. You will be taught how to become a trainer, and if we think you did well, you will be promoted to a full-time trainer!

Rules when applying:

- Always use the template below when applying.

- Use grammar and make sure to use paragraphs!

- Don't ask when your application will be read, it will be read within 3 days.

-Put your application title as: (USERNAME) Staff Application.


Intern Application Status: OPEN!


Intern Application Template:




Discord Username (Put N/A if you don't have Discord):


Why are you applying for Intern?


When did you discover SeaWorld Palace Entertainment?


What do you know about SeaWorld in-real life?


When was the last time you went to SeaWorld in-real life?


How do you feel about animals in captivity?


SCENARIO: A player is on the plot, they are flying in restricted areas and entering the pool during One Ocean, what would you do?


Why did you choose SeaWorld Palace to apply to?


Anything else?


You will receive a response for your application in the next 3 days! Good luck!



Owner of SeaWorld Palace.

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