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Hey friends it’s Josh!

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So I realized although I’ve been a part of the forums since April 2018, I never made an introduction! So here’s one now  

:D__________________________________________Hey I’m Joshmc_, but you can all call me Josh! I’ve been hard core playing Palace since around January 2017 or late December 2016, or whenever it became Palace and not MCMagic. __________________________________________Since then I was a Noble, then Majestic and now an Honourable! I currently am the Co-Owner of SeaWorld Palace Entertainment! __________________________________________Personally love Disney history and the parks! I’m also an avid Harry Potter fan! __________________________________________

My best Palace friends are @ThePilotGamer and @Peanut_TheDog

__________________________________________So that’s a little about me! Hope to see you around :ba:


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