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2 Different Autograph Books

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Hello! I wanted to add since when im going through my Autograph Book, there is a combination of Characters, Special Guests and Staff, When you first open the book, it will say Character Autographs or Special Guest/ Staff Autographs and you pick which ever one you want, and with the Alphabetical Order thing, there should be a navagation thing where you can pick from A-Z names so you dont have to be Scrolling through your Autograph Book finding the person you want. How do you like the Idea? Put them in the Comments!

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While what you mentioned is definitely possible, we like the current setup so it's easy enough to find autographs (alphabetized in different books) but it still feels like a real book. If we were to let you search for autographs, even by letter and not name, that isn't realistic. If you have a book with character autographs in the real parks, you have to flip through it like any other book! There's no search button :P

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