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How to Join our Minecraft Server

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To play on our server, you must own a Minecraft account for PC/Mac, now known as Minecraft: Java Edition. You can purchase an account on the Minecraft website.

As of right now, you cannot connect to our server with other editions such as Windows 10, Pocket Edition or Console. Also, any unofficial or "cracked" accounts will not be permitted to join.


1. Once you have a Minecraft: Java Edtion account, click on Multiplayer.



2. Next, choose Add server.



3. Enter "Palace Network", for Server Name, "play.palace.network" for Server Adress, choose "Enabled" for Server Resource Packs, and click Done.



4. That's it! Select Palace and click Join Server!



If you experience any further issues while joining our server, please create a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

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