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How to Join our Discord Server

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Our Discord server is where the Palace Community joins to chat and talk with each other! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to join it!


1. Start by registering for and downloading Discord. Discord has a web version, however, you'll need to download their app since we require our members to use Push To Talk in voice channels. Once the download has finished, login and your screen should look something like this!



2. Next, click here to open our Discord invite link. This will open in a web browser or redirect to the Discord app. Click "Join Palace Network" to join our server.



3. The first message you should now see is one welcoming you to our Discord. After all, we're glad to have you! Take a quick read through that welcome message before moving on.



4. Now let's get your Minecraft and Discord accounts linked. Due to spam reasons, we require all users to link their Minecraft account in order to use our Discord. Before linking, you're going to have to enable specific permissions on our Discord Server. Click the down arrow next to Palace Network in the top left, click Privacy Settings, and make sure "Allow direct messages from server members" is enabled.




5. Now in order to link your accounts, you'll need your Discord ID. Click the gear in the bottom-left of your screen and it should show up like below.

Make sure you include the entire username with the # (PalaceNetwork#4965 in this case) otherwise we won't be able to link your account!




6. Now on our Minecraft server, type /discord link PalaceNetwork#4965 (but with your username instead).



7. The last step! Now check your Direct Messages on Discord for a message from "PalaceBot". There should be a message saying your Discord account is about to be linked to a Minecraft account. Make sure it's your Minecraft account, then reply with !accept.



Now you're done! Your Discord username on our server should match your Minecraft username, and you should be placed into the appropriate rank group if you're a Settler, Dweller, Noble, Majestic or Honorable.


If you experience any issues while linking, please create a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

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