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Creative Rules & Regulations

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Creative Rules & Regulations

Entering the creative server
When you enter our creative server and claim a new plot you are agreeing to the rules that we have set forth here.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any Staff Member.

Role Play
The basics:

If you can not talk about it in main chat, you can not have a Role Play about it. This is a plain and simple set of rules. If you can’t follow the rules you will not be able to participate on our server. RP Chat is still monitored by staff just like any other chat is. It is a private chat that is used between the members so main chat is not disturbed. If you are participating in a RP, you must be in a RP Chat. If you need help setting up a RP Chat, please ask a Staff Member.

What you can Role Play:

  • Schools
  • News Studios
  • Appropriate Broadway & Disney Shows

What not to Role Play:

  • Violence of any kind
  • Blood and Gore
  • No Family Role Play
  • Dating
  • Inappropriate games – Five Nights at Freddys, Grand Theft Auto or similar games

Topics that are not allowed aren’t limited to this list. This list may change at any time without notice.
If you’re ever unsure whether your topic is appropriate or not, please ask a Staff Member. 

Real life shows or parades are encouraged productions. We love seeing what you can do.
Fantasmic, Wishes, or any Disney/family friendly themed show/parade are allowed to be produced and shown on creative. Shows/Plays are to be G rated and non violent.

We allow healthy competition on the server and encourage it as long as a fair set of rules are applied.
There should always be more than one judge for any competition that is hosted on the server. (Three people has proven to be a best number for this)

Rules need to be clear to all players at the beginning of any competition.

Chat should never be spammed when asking others to participate in your competition. One announcement should be enough to get the attention of others. If you need to announce again please wait a few minutes before doing so (5 mins is a good time)

Please do not encourage others to announce at the same time as this also causes spam.

Some of the things we ask you to avoid are talent shows, award shows, skin competitions and any other competition that is based on the vote of a single guest or popularity vote.

What is not allowed on the creative server?

  • Hack programs of any kind
  • Please do not wallpaper walls with item frames.
  • Shops (Banner, Head and so on)
  • Skin competitions
  • Splash potions (throwing them at others is considered trolling)
  • Any and all hacked potions or items.
  • Red stone Clocks (Don’t know what this is? Ask a Cast Member! They’ll be happy to help you.) - The first offense for having a clock on your plot is a 3d temp-ban for the player who created the clock, repeat offenses 14d temp-ban and can further lead to being permanently removed from the server.
  • Any Infinity hack: speed blocks and infinite fireworks or anything that is Modified as such.
  • Spawn eggs
  • Throwing eggs or shooting arrows/fire arrows at others in the act of trolling is not allowed if players asks you to stop please do so.
  • Fire charges
  • Lava
  • Portals
  • Fire
  • Command Blocks of any kind
  • Shooting arrows at others (considered trolling)

We have a simple set of rules that pertain to behavior and what we expect from our guest.

Please be kind to each other: With a community as large as The Palace you will always have a difference of opinion. That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree. It just means you should accept that not everyone will agree with you. If you have an issue that you are upset with another player, make sure to talk with a member of staff to help you solve it. We are here for you when you need us.

Please do not advertise or give others any personal information.
Example: Minecraft Realms, direct IP addresses to other servers YouTube, websites, twitter, or messaging services, like Skype.

Please keep your language family friendly. We have very young guests who we know can be as young as 5 years old. We would like to avoid them being exposed to language inappropriate for their ears.

Please don’t swear or use Vulgar language. We understand you may be angry or annoyed with others at times but swearing doesn’t help solve any situation. Please feel free to talk to a staff member if you need help in addressing a tough situation.

The staff are here to watch the chat and keep it safe for you. We ask that you please give them the time they need to help all guests. Staff are only able to help one person at a time so please have patience.

Staff Members can not set warps for guests. Warps will only be set for community plots developed by the staff.

Please don’t grief the work of others. This should be simple for everyone to understand. Even if it is on your own plot please give others the courtesy of allowing them to keep their builds.

If someone has built something on your plot that you no longer want, please ask the person who created it if they want the item moved to their own plot.

This is the only time World Edit will be used for guests on creative. *Please ask a Staff Member to help you in this situation.*

Staff Members can not build or World Edit items for you.

They can move items at their discretion and are able to fix things that may be broken but they simply cannot build for you.

Modded Clients/Hacks
Please avoid using clients, hacks or mods to obtain banned items.
We ask that you turn off these things before you enter our servers so that the game is played as we intended.

Red stone
Please avoid making lag machines or clocks.

Do you know what a lag machine is? Lag Machines are often red stone contraptions that slow down Minecraft. Anything that is made that repeatedly sends a current through red stone can be considered a lag machine.

The first offense for having a clock on your plot is a 3d temp-ban for the player who created the clock, repeat offenses 14d temp-ban and can further lead to being permanently removed from the server.

If you are not sure if something you are making is a clock or lag machine ask a CM. They will gladly take a look and help explain.

Fireworks are allowed to be created and used on the server in small quantities.

If you are planning to build a large fireworks show please ask a CM to look at the construction of the show prior to having the show. Our staff will help you avoid causing lag, unintentional clocks, and may be able to help your show be more efficient in design.

Spam is considered very rude and makes chat hard to follow for others.
If you say in chat “say 123 if you like Disney” this causes others to want to respond and that is what causes spam.

We have zero tolerance for any bullying on the servers.
It is simply not allowed and we hope you will respect that you are playing with others that you may not get along with. You are not required to play or speak to them. But we insist that you respect that they are on to play as well. Please do not form groups on the server to intentionally cause situations on the server. If you have a problem that needs to be address you are more than welcome to contact the staff for help in addressing the situation.

Plot Clearing at /warp clear
We all have that time when we have built on a plot and get a new idea and then want our plot to be cleared to start over. In order to clear your plot you have to go through a few steps. First be very sure you want your plot cleared. Once a request is submitted you can not undo that request.

Plot clears are when a guest would like a clean plot to work on.
In order to have a your plot cleared start at /warp clear
1. Take a book and quill
2. Write inside the book:

  • Your Minecraft name
  • Today’s Date
  • Your Plot ID (make sure if you have -1 negatives you put the -)
  • (Go to /menu and my plots and then to your plot to show the ID)
  • Sign your book.

Any books without a signature will be ignored and you will have to resubmit a new book to get your plot cleared
How long does it take?

It can take up to 72 hours/3 days for a plot to be cleared but usually not this long. We do not always clear plots on the weekends (Friday,Saturday or Sunday) because of the high number of guests on the servers and the lag/crashing it can cause.

There is a sign at /warp clear showing when the last time the plots were cleared. If you submitted a book and find that the plots have been cleared the next day and yours was not that could be because of one or more of the following reasons.

  • You didn’t sign the book
  • You put the wrong plot ID
  • You submitted a plot clear for a plot that was not yours. (This is also considered grief and can be a bannable offense.)
  • Please don’t ask staff to clear your plots, not everyone is trained to do them.
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