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Guest Relations Applications for the DVC Center

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Guest Relation Application 


Hello and thank you for considering becoming a part of the Guest Relation Team for the DVC Center! Before you begin your application, please look through the following rules, terms and conditions, requirements, and duties of being a part of the Guest Relation Team the DVC Center. 



- Help guests navigate through conventions and events.

- Answer questions guest may have.

- Sell tickets.

- Run certain shows. 

- Help out backstage. 

- Make sure guest have the most enjoyable experience possible. 

- Make sure guest follow rules. 


- Must be 12 years of age or older.
- Must have discord. 
- Must be active on the server for AT LEAST 6 hours each week. 
- Must have never been banned from any DVC Company plot.
- Must speak fluent English. 
- Must have basic listening skills. 

- Griefing is not allowed.
- Speak with correct grammar and punctuation at all times when talking to guests. 
- Do NOT accept TPA's in areas that have not yet opened to the public or backstage areas.

- This application does not mean that you become a Guest Relation Cast Member.
- Your application may be denied.
- You may be fired from your job as a Guest Relation Cast Member at any point without explanation.


Now, it is time to begin the application. To apply, please copy and paste the questions below, put them into a new comment, and answer them. Good luck :D




1. Do you understand that this application does not guarantee that you will become a Guest Relations Cast Member?


2. Have you read the rules and requirements of being a Guest Relation Cast Member?


3. Do you agree with the terms and conditions?


4. What is your Minecraft IGN? 


5. What is your Discord? (Discord is required for this position.)


6. What time zone are you in? (This is so we know when you can be on or not.)


7. Are you 12 years of age or older?


8. Have you ever been banned from Palace Network? If so, please explain the situation and how or if the ban was lifted. 


9. Why should we choose you to be a Guest Relation Cast Member over someone else?


10. On a scale of 1-10, how good are your grammar skills?


11. Are you good with working in teams?


12. Have you ever been a Guest Relations Cast Member anywhere? If so, where?


13. Have you ever worked backstage, or acted in a performance in Minecraft? If so, did you like it?


14. How much time can you be on creative?


15. How much time can you devote to the DVC Center?


16. Would you be okay with having an interview to talk about your application?



This application has concluded

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response, good luck! 

©2019 DVC Company 

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