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[SPOILERS] Favorite Coco Songs?

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Hi. I have been listening to the songs of Coco, and i was thinking, what is your favorite song?

The list goes as follows:

Remember Me

Much Needed Advice *songs Miguel listens to in "The best of De La Cruz" VHS Tape*

Everyone Knows Juanita

Un Poco Loco

The World Es Mi Familia *song Miguel sings to catch the attention of Ernesto*

La Llorona

Proud Corazon *song Miguel sings at the end of the movie*

I personally love La Llorona. I just love how the music seems to move very well with what happens to the characters. Also, while Imelda sings at a slow ballad tone, Ernesto sings at this big, boasting style voice. What are your favorites?

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