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Forum Rules & Regulations

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Forum Rules & Regulations

Please note these guidelines, do not reflect the guidelines of any Palace Network server, the guidelines outlined here are strictly in relation to the forum, forum users, and forum content.


  1. All persons, names, profile images, and other items may be subject to monitoring to ensure safety of all community members.
  2. We reserve the right to prohibit any users from accessing/participating in our community forum, and to deal with any issue or concern in such way as we consider appropriate.
  3. Please show common courtesy to all members of the community including staff by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior.
  4. Advertising of external communities, servers, and or websites is prohibited, unless previously authorized by an administrator.
  5. Distribution of any previously recorded media including but not limited to: Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc is prohibited, unless authorized by an administrator or higher.
  6. The sharing of personal information is strictly prohibited to ensure safety of all members of The Palace Network community, this includes but is not limited to First/Last Names, Telephone Numbers, Birthdays, etc.
  7. Discussing controversial topics such as politics, religion, history, science, sexuality, entertainment, environment, law and order, languages, philosophy, psychiatry, technology, media and culture, people, and sports. Only during authorized events may certain topics may be presented.
  8. The excessive spamming of characters, words, phrases, etc is prohibited and disruptive. Spamming of said information will result in disciplinary action.
  9. All profile pictures and or names must be kept appropriate and must meet these guidelines, if said images/names do not meet our guidelines you will be asked to remove/change said content.
  10. Violation of any of the above guidelines may result in immediate disciplinary action, such as removal from forums.

Here at the Palace, we strive to provide an excellent experiencing all while retaining a family friendly safe environment, these guidelines help protect anyone and everyone that choose to participate in the community and or play on any Palace Network official servers. If you have any additional concerns and or questions regarding the guidelines, please consult with a staff member or contact us at [email protected]

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