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Listed below are some frequently asked questions our staff receive. Feel free to find one you need answered, or if your question isn't listed, ask it by replying to this topic.

Q: What is Fuse Entertainment?

     A: Fuse Entertainment is a company based on the palace creative server and does not exist outside of the Minecraft universe. We own and build theme parks based around pre-existing irl parks and bring them to life with our own spin in MC. None of our plots or builds are exact recreations, but rather use the essence and theme of the original park. Fuse Entertainment not only builds parks though, but also puts on events and shows. We are an entertainment company dedicated to a high standard of quality and a high standard of guest experience.

Q: What plots are Fuse Entertainment?

     A: Fuse Entertainment has the following plots open to guests as of this time (November 2019): EpiCentral, TomorrowVerse and Fantasy Valley. Fuse's Hollywood Adventure is coming in the near future.

Q: How can I visit a Fuse Plot?

     A: At random times, a Fuse Staff member may open Teleport Requests (TPAs) to one of our plots, and at that time you may visit the park. If you can't seem to be online when these times occur, please message a Fuse Resort Staff Member who is online and ask to visit one of our plots. We would be happy to assist you!

Q: What is EpiCentral?

     A: EpiCentral is the Center for all things Fuse. It houses our Headquarters as well as tons of entertainment options, like Spark Convention Center and The Web Theatre. Think of it almost like Disney Springs, just with a different style of architecture. Spark is also the home of the yearly Creative-wide digital convention, ThemeParkCon.

Q: Can I apply to become a Fuse Resort Staff Member?

     A: Yes! To apply, head over to the Applications Topic on our Club page.

Q: My question wasn't answered here. How can I ask it?

     A: Please get in contact with one of our staff members for specific information.

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