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Good evening reader!

 Recently I have been in a "Disney Mood" where I listen to music, watch movies or draw Disney Characters in my sketch book so I wanted to find a community where I can share my hobby and just talk DISNEY. Looking at the Palace forums and Server I definitely see a great community that I can get along with. Its almost like I am actually in Disneyland or Walt Disney's World but behind a screen. Such amazing work by the Staff Team.

My name is _Radique_oo7, long name I know but you can call me RAD for short. Disney has been a HUGE inspiration my whole life, he is my hero. His work "Bambi" is one of my favorite Classics just because it showed how dedicated he was. The "Mulitplane Camera", his amazing invention used to make Bambi, makes me so proud of him. Another Classic "The lion King" is also one of my favorite works of art from Disney Animation Studios. I dream hopefully one day I can be part of the team to continue the magic they have given me and pass it on to other generations.

My current occupation is Retail (I know, Very cool right...). I work at "Target" as a Sales Associate, working on the floor and helping Guest. I strive to become a Leader at Target one day and which my peers at work encourage me to do. I recently started my development at Target to become a future Team Leader, to work on my Communication skills and 

With the skills I acquire at Target I hope a can bring to my dream job at Disney, Working at the Disney Store than moving into Disneyland!

Enough about Disney and work.

I do have a twin brother who is currently in the army, I have two sisters who both go to universities and I have two dogs. 

I do play games like PUBG, COD, Cities Skylines, and many other FPS and simulation games.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.



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  • Palace Network Leadership

Welcome to the Palace Forums! You've got an amazing introduction - I totally get the feeling of being in a Disney mood! Hope to see you online sometime!


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