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I've been thinking of a few new suggestions for the server, including some new achievements. Here is what I have so far.


Eating around the world! (Try out every food type across all 4 Disney parks.)

May the force be with you (Purchase Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber)

Show Fanatic (Watch every show Palace has to offer)

It's a small world after all (Ride it's a small world 100 times!)

Time to relax (Purchase 3 days in one of Palace's resorts.)

It's a party! (Participate in one of Palace's amazing parties!)

Every toy has it's day (Visit Toy Story Land!)


I still need to think of a few more, but this is what I have for now. These are just a few more achievements, though there could be a lot more! 

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I love these ideas! I'm a serious achievement hunter (if you know you know), and so I loved trying to get all the achievements on palace! I think adding more would encourage existing players (mainly myself) to try achieve them all! I also have a couple of my own ideas:

A million stars shining brightly: Watch the Main Street Electrical Parade

Furry best friend: Purchase a palace plush

Where's my super suit? Purchase any (or mr incredible) outfit.

Soft-Serve: Eat a dole whip!

Pumpkin King: Attend a halloween event.

Thrill seeker: Ride 100 rides.

Ultimate thrill seeker: Ride 500 rides.



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I also decided to try and make up some more, *shrugs*

Show Maker - Create a Show using Show Creator on Creative

Architect - Place 500 blocks on Creative

Meet & Greeter - Meet a Character in the Parks

Top of the Board - Get first place on a leaderboard


Just some random thoughts... Mep o/


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Great idea!



DVC - Stay in each hotel at least once.

World Traveler - Visit each of Palace's countries in World showcase!

Character finder - Meet 10 characters

Dedicated - Log onto Palace 100 times!

It's a Party! - Party up with friends!

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